Who Writes For Me? (Yup)


Gang bangers busting into your homes,
Politicians corrupting our loans.
It happens every day, but the brothers still moan.
You may watch TV, but nothing really is on.
things they feed the mind just to keep us in line.
advertisements seem believable selling lies to your eyes.
We should all know better than that.
But we can't see the truth because fibs are the facts.
This may be a free country but we don't have it all.
cross the line, then you’re in jail with one call.
Once a great nation, now this is our fall.
I'm just being honest, writing down what I think.
In a world full of drugs, hustlers, and thieves,
When something good happens it's hard to conceive.
5 year old girls get raped and shot in a blink,
Of the eye watching over some find it hard to believe,
That crap like this goes on every day of the year.
But we still have hope, and pray for our peers.
Faith isn't something Doctor D can prescribe,
Rather it's a feeling that only begins inside.
It all boils down to the one in mirror,
That's the best I can do friend, I can't get any clearer.

I wrote this for a literary magazine club i was in for 2 years in high school.

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