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Meuvidar's Lamp
Part 1: Escape

Traveling to Arab countries looking for treasure
I will search high and low despite of the weather
Speak of the devil here comes a storm
It's coming in to fast I can't make up the form
I try to turn back and it swallows me whole
I awake in a buried tomb it's dark and it's cold
I spot something, my eyes set upon a golden glare
So much beauty it beholds as it shines and I stare
Feelings of awe I step closer inside the thin air
I can barely breathe but I must have what's there
Whit gold in my grasp I feel so enchanted
Like It's the most gracious holy entity on the planet
Then I begin to panic as the room falls to granite
A trap was set, I must leave out here alive
Where to go there's nowhere even to hide
Until I spot an entry way off to the side
I sprint there and boulders fall on my shoulders
As I narrow on my target the air only gets colder
I'm barely breathing praying this trip to be over
Everything that shines should not be taken
I open my eyes hours later, where have I awaken?

Not sure when I wrote this, but I never even started on part 2 but I'm not sure this story even needs to continue. Enjoy!

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