Good night Pokemon
Just got done playing Pokemon Online with my brother Marcus Maxwell who lives in Illinois with my dad. I miss that kid but 9/10 times I win playing him in wi-fi battles. One of my favorite Pokemon I use a battles is Mewtwo. I like him because he's arguably the most recognized legendary Pokemon and one of the toughest. Aside from that, his origin story is interesting and one I barely payed any attention to as a child. Now that I'm older and understand the game more, I found more meaning as to why I love Mewtwo even more. He was created in a lab by scientists who acquired mews DNA (the ancestor of all Pokemon) and from there goes into why Mewtwo was created and for him to make his own destiny. writing about it brings back many good childhood memories and I should get around to watching the movie again. He is also purple which is my favorite color!

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