This Day In Music (Capital STEEZ) to Capital STEEZ, a 19 year old hip-hop emcee who killed himself by jumping off of a roof on December 24, 2012 after tweeting “the end” on twitter. We lost one of the best up-and-coming rappers in my opinion, and what really gets to me is that he was the same age as I am and his music gives the impression that he really loved life. I really wish he were here to give us more music, but a part of me is satisfied with what I got. Luckily, we got his crew Pro Era putting out music similar to his but Capital STEEZ was one of a kind. Some of his subject matter included governmental corruption, love, and human insight to name a few. I’m really looking forward to his posthumous release titled King Capital coming sometime in 2014 but for the moment I will enjoy AmeriKKKan Kurruption Reloaded. May his soul rest in peace, one love, Capital STEEZ.


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