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Knowledge/Info About Quasars

Located at the center of the galaxy. Known as supermassive black holes. Devours all energy and project it outwards. The brightest part of the universe as seen from thousands, to millions of lightyears away. Known as the point of no return. This is the farthest part of the known universe. This carries the number 13 frequency.

The Akashic Records

This is the collective consciousness of the universe. Imagine a library starting with a page that has my life or personal records, a book that represents humanity on Earth, a section of the library to be the Milky Way galaxy, and finally the library building itself is the entire universe. This helps us see where we are and where we need to go. Everything we do is being recorded from our thoughts, actions, and words. Our subconscious mind takes what we already know to make sense of it. Through meditation is how we access the Akashic records. By dropping awareness into the body, we get an easier time to open Akasha. One way to do this is to sit on a tree or go into nature, then when meditating, try to remember how that energy felt. Looking into the eyes of another human or animal are also ways to help you look at Akasha.  Levels of communication to Akasha Dreams > Deja Vu > Direct contact

Tasks for Administrators II

  Email Marketing Microsoft Office Data Entry E-Commerce Management Basic Graphic Design Customer Support Lead Generation Analytics Scheduling Posts Follow/Engagement Strategies Advertisements

Tasks for Administrators I

  Introduction to Business Small Business Management Legal Environment in Business Business Law Principles of Marketing International Business Personal Finance Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Introduction to Finance Introduction to Human Resources Business Ethics Principles of Management Internship Seminar Microsoft Office 1 Business Mathematics General Education Mathematics Composition 1 Speech Fundamentals Principles of Macro-Economics Branding & Personal Branding


Diplomatic Immunity National Passport Do Not Detain Someone who is given safe passage, considered not Susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution We have a right to safe passage between international waters And the passport has to reflect that status “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” - Theodore Roosevelt

The Black Wall Street Meets Wakanda

Build something to secure our future. It's about getting things done. We need men with boots on the ground.

Does He Exist?

One question that dawned on me for the longest time was, does God exist? This question was asked out of pure curiosity for what we see all around the world: chaos on the television, the trauma from our ancestors’ past, and my own personal psychological troubles. These three factors combined would be the basis for my question to the world, does God exist?  Growing up in a single mother household, in Chicago, Illinois was an interesting experience for me and my younger brother. We lived our wonderful lives but the same was not for those near or in the inner city. The most we ever saw was what was on television. At one point during our young age it seemed to be more innocent because that's where our mind was at the time. Our routine was to wake up in the morning, check the weather, and then dash off to school. Some mornings we had no school or a late start, so then we watched the news for the rest of the day. Then, one random day, that alludes me so, the news turned, the stories grew

Heaven is Real, And I Have Seen It


The Waters Above

Legends tell us about the waters above, a dome-like structure at the top of the globe. Encapsulated is a dimension of people known as.. the people … I fell down the rabbit hole with this one. At one point I started to think of ways how this could be possible. The best explanation I could come up with, is that the ancient people of this world described it in such a way that made sense to them. The world was "flat" at one point because that's what they knew at the time. Recent documentation provides us with information suggesting people with influence and high status in society told people the world was flat for their own social gain. It was a propaganda. Nowadays, with the exception of island dwellers, or those who are far removed from modern society, we all agree that the world is round.  Now this theory, The Waters Above, comes from the ancient Egyptians who described their world as such. The dome was Earth, and the water was space. There is this weightlessness to space

Atlas Shrugged Essay: The Mind of Man is So Great

 Atlas Shrugged Essay – The Mind of Man is Too Great The materials used in Atlas Shrugged, a novel by Ayan Rand, became increasingly difficult to obtain as the plot moves forward. Characters in the novel began to question their motives more and more as the materials, in result of someone’s mind becomes increasingly difficult to obtain. When John Galt says “enough” at that final meeting where things gotten out of hand, THAT was the turning point at which the world’s motors became increasingly difficult to operate, run, and manufacture. It was that person’s mind that supplied the materials. Over time, company heads realize how important it is for people to run their company, people are a resource, and with the world of Atlas Shrugged, the people who supplied the world with such materials formed a society to live their lives. This essay will show you how material goods became increasingly difficult as the plot progresses.  “You can buy a person's hand, but you can't buy his heart.

Take a Step in the Right Direction

Building stuff that matters Building something Don't tell everyone your business, learn when to remain lowkey. There is a time to be humble and a time to be exalted. Definitions: Entrepreneurship LLC

Will, The Strength to Live

Will Power In order to have the willpower and motivation needed to be consistent with the amount of effort you exert for productivity, you must limit or eliminate counterproductive habits while enforcing new habits that help productivity. - Mark Snyder, Productive Makeover Success Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear. -Dan Millman Willpower is like a muscle - Exercise it

Is it Better in Captivity

There are times when I wonder is it better to be alive or stay ignorant. When you're ignorant you can be f**ked and not even know it. The world will see you for capital gain or something of use to further theor own interests. When you're alive, you see things for what they are. Sometimes they can be scary, others, it can be joyous. This applies to everything inbetween and beyond.


Move around Don't stay stagnate...there's plenty of time to rest you you're not here anymore I have seen the mountain and it is a glorious place

Entrepreneurship This is Where It Begins!

When you begin your journey or any venture, there will be scary times, there will be doubts, outrage, excitement, niether, or all of the above. Anything is necessary to the future venture that is your brain. Soon, you have to just dissolve the world around you. When you shift, mountains move. Only the paranoid survive." -Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel

Affirmations of Success!

  I proactively create the vision of my legacy I am a person of action with driven results I am asking the right questions to step into/open up/create opportunity for myself I am asking if this will cleanse or clog me before consumption, overall, I am more conscious about what I put in my body. I am creating a vocabulary for success right now as we speak. I ask empowering questions that will enhance and direct my focus for my benefit. My mind is focused and fertile for exponential growth and opportunity. I am headed towards success! Nothing hereinafter shall come within my vicinity if it doesn't in/directly benefit myself or my people.

Creative Director at Silent Sounds of America


Assets vs Liabilities

By: Teren Maxwell Assets put money into your pocket, Liabilities take money away. Simple.

Fire Red Mango Smoothie

By: Teren Maxwell Main Ingredients: Red Mango Blueberries Strawberries Bananas For more flavor, you can also add: Raspberry , Kiwi, Lime Celery, Agave Syrup Dragon Fruit, Kale, Chia Seeds Taste as you go! - Maxwell's Munches 

Sumo Citrus

Sumo Citrus Fruit, try one. They will run you average $3.99+ a pound but worth it if you're the boogie type. Anyways, you can get these at Whole Foods. 

What Can You Do With Your Life?

There are many gurus out there offering salvation; sometimes they come in the form of medicine adds, religion, get rich now, you are rich, etc. Buy this product to enhance your life, don't buy this product because of ______ but instead use this. Everyone has their own reviews and opinions of what needs to be done. After all, we are all here for each other, and each other for the higher. What that means is there are beings within us and around us working for us and in our favor. And in return we provide services and goods for each other. And furthermore, we give to those higher than us. This cycle continues for as long as the Gods permit it to before taking a break. By Gods, we recommend looking at historical references pertaining to ancient parables where the (gods) God[s] walked among us at some point.  Even now, there are mysteries about this planet we have yet to understand. Are the (gods) God[s] real?

Man Is

Man is asked what meaning does your life have?  Existence - what are we here for?  Life - is something we all strive for, the meaning for expression and to be (fullfilled) fulfilled. We will eventually find (propose) purpose in something. When we find that, run with it.  Experience - We came to this existence for the boundless possibilities and the luxurious fruits that which nature gives us. We are one with nature at peace, and a piece of not (harm) harmonious but peace.  - man is -

Finding the Work You Love

As far as looking forward to a job, you want excitement, passion, and the thrill of the game. You instill the warrior desire for self-expression. Success is 80% psychology 20% 80/20 When looking for a job, you should look at um you get to the money faster. You like what you're doing and it's a love for the work. The flow comes, you get lost in your vision, the work is getting done and yet, there's not enough of it. There's a certain level of mastery to obtain, there's a certain pride that comes from doing your work. You like to show people but it's the inner gratitude. This is glowing inside of you, yep. Thrive in the inner you.

Notes From A Promised Land

The Idea of America  When you have the credentials to lead He shows his lighter side and more insight into what its like to be president.  He narrates the entire audiobook. When you read about how he began missing out on his kids futures, you felt that.  Obama references former leaders Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt frequently in terms of how their policies and insights kept the country together, from collapse. But most notably mentions Mahatma Gandhi as his biggest influence.  He makes a distinction between the people he likes or disapproves of and their policy or what they stood for. For example, he likes George Bush the person even if he doesn't agree with his policies. There is an  importance  in separating the person from their work.  Careful not to celebrate early. The last chapter was thrilling and engaging.