What Can You Do With Your Life?

There are many gurus out there offering salvation; sometimes they come in the form of medicine adds, religion, get rich now, you are rich, etc. Buy this product to enhance your life, don't buy this product because of ______ but instead use this. Everyone has their own reviews and opinions of what needs to be done.

After all, we are all here for each other, and each other for the higher. What that means is there are beings within us and around us working for us and in our favor. And in return we provide services and goods for each other. And furthermore, we give to those higher than us. This cycle continues for as long as the Gods permit it to before taking a break.

By Gods, we recommend looking at historical references pertaining to ancient parables where the (gods) God[s] walked among us at some point. 

Even now, there are mysteries about this planet we have yet to understand. Are the (gods) God[s] real?

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