The Akashic Records

This is the collective consciousness of the universe.
Imagine a library starting with a page that has my life or personal records,
a book that represents humanity on Earth,
a section of the library to be the Milky Way galaxy,
and finally the library building itself is the entire universe.
This helps us see where we are and where we need to go.
Everything we do is being recorded from our thoughts, actions, and words.
Our subconscious mind takes what we already know to make sense of it.
Through meditation is how we access the Akashic records.
By dropping awareness into the body, we get an easier time to open Akasha.
One way to do this is to sit on a tree or go into nature, then when meditating,
try to remember how that energy felt.

Looking into the eyes of another human or animal are also ways to help you look at Akasha. 

Levels of communication to Akasha

Dreams > Deja Vu > Direct contact

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